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   David T Procter 

I find, writing about myself very difficult. There is a fine line between self-publicising and sounding, just a tad precocious. I hope I have managed that distinction. If not, I profusely, but please persevere while I indulge in a little promotion.

I live and work in Canterbury. As a young lad, I wanted to become an architect or join one of the forces, but circumstances dictated that I left school with few qualifications, and followed my old dad into life as a plumber. how I wished I had discovered my true calling earlier. I began to write late in and soon that, while the stories were in my head, I had lost the skills required. 
My first book was published far too early. Like so many, I thought it brilliant but soon the world of vanity publishing was and led by vanity. Looking back, was a good story ruined by poor editing. A salutary lesson for those who read this, think once, twice, thrice before you do anything half as stupid as that.

I went back to school, I needed to relearn how the write a half decent piece of work. A few hundred short stories later I felt competent, to start once again, on a work of fiction. But what could I do, my story which I had lived with for almost twenty years was gone, tied up in copyright for five years, I was  but needed to write.

It was then my daughter introduced me to a family research site, that as they say is history. What I discovered hidden in our, almost lost, past were stories the like of which any author would die to hear. Lies, deceit, lost fortunes, bravery, skulduggery, and secrets which had lain unmentioned for almost 100 years. I had a plethora of material to work with. All that was required was a tweak here, a minor change there and Dead Men Lie came to life. names had to be changed, a fictitious town created, but I was able to pour my heart and soul into what would become, I believe, a darn good story.      

To prove my point as some of you will know I took my book on the road. During the past years,  I have attended well over 400 differing events, met some great people, and a few characters. In the  my work was accepted, for which I thank that purchased copies.  I do not blow my own trumpet often but I will. I took a book, no different to any other, and traveled, I spoke, I became animated and the people came to buy.         
I can but say thank you to you all for purchasing my work and taking this from humble beginnings to what it has become, a place where over 58,000 people have viewed what I do. Not bad for a book that was castigated and banned when it was first aired. I can but hope Forgotten Souls is as well received. 

So turn the page and discover my world.


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